Sunday, March 16, 2008

Local Show: Designer's Downtown Market

WHO: Formerly the Crafter's Flea Market

WHAT: Designer's Downtown Market

WHEN: Saturday, March 22, 2008; 9-3 pm

WHERE: At the parking lot of Ornamentea and The Purple Armchair at 509 & 600 N. West Street, Downtown Raleigh


NC Triangle Etsy Artists to look for:

~LORiOLA for Isabel Rose


~Sweetgum Handbags & Loblolly

~Orange Cat Art


~Althea Peregrine & Talking Dog Productions

~Amy Keith Stained Glass

~MegRNC & Batteries Not Required

~Karess Krafters

~Thread Bare Memories


  1. Wow--there is going to be quite a turnout of team members at this show!
    Be sure to take pics between packaging up all the purchases for the customers and let us know how it goes ;)

  2. I'm exited!! Can't wait to meet you guys in person.

  3. I get so flustered at shows. If I look dazed and confused, please forgive me!