Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Etsy Around the World: Must Keep Knitting

This week's crafter from our new feature "Etsy Around the World," is from the mountains of our state, North Carolina. She's very passionate about her relatively new hobby of knitting!

Who are you?
Kate - MustKeepKnitting

Where are you located?
Boone, North Carolina

What do you create?
handspun yarns, hand dyed yarns, patterns, stitch markers, clothespins, jewelry, and other little random things here and there.

What inspires you?
I'm not really sure about what inspires me; I get random ideas throughout the day. Most of my ideas come while I'm trying to go to sleep because I can't stop thinking about yarn. So, usually I'm just like "OH! I have a new pattern/yarn idea!"

Why did you choose your shop name?
I'm absolutely addicted to knitting. I will do it anywhere & at the most inconvenient times, such as in class!

What are your goals?
I hope to one day own a farm with alpacas, sheep, ducks, silkworms, and a doggy! I want there to be a yarn store in the barn. If all this works out, I hope to turn it into a B&B for knitters to come visit - possibly with classes! If none of that works out - I'd at least like to open a yarn store at some point in my life and maybe live near sheep...and still have a dog and duck!

What do you do when you are not creating?
Think about what I'll do next, play around on etsy, and spend time with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I have to do other things, like work and attend class.

Why did you choose your medium?
I picked up knitting in the Fall of 2006. It was my freshman year in college & the girl that lived beside me would always knit in the lobby. She ended up teaching me and 3 other girls how to knit. We all bonded very quickly, and would always be out in the lobby knitting!

--If you'd like to read more about Kate's life and work, check out her blog.

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