Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Etsy Around the World: sarah1974

This week's featured Etsy seller is from a litle further west, but still in the United States. She was recommended by her daughter who also has an Etsy store, ablemabel. I was amazed by Sarah's work, and I'm sure that you will be too!

Who are you?
My name is Sarah Niemela, my business name is Rush Creek Studio

Where are you located?
My studio is in Rogers, Minnesota, USA

What do you create?
I create one-of-a-kind artist dolls and my daughter Katie has created note cards of my dolls from photographs of them.

What inspires you?
Since I create realistic dolls I am inspired by people all around me.

Where do you create?
I have a home studio that I work from.

Why did you choose your shop/company name?
I chose Rush Creek Studio because Rush creek runs right through our property.

What is the most time consuming part of your craft/art?
Sometimes it can be the sculpting. Of course over the years I have put the most hours into that part of it. But other times its just the whole design process and hours I put in thinking of how to do something or even what to do!!

What is you most popular item that you create?
Right now, my black dolls seem to be the most popular.
How do you envision your creations being used by your customers?
The people who buy my dolls of course display them in their homes but they also are very attached emotionally to them.

What is your favorite place to sell your items?
My dolls are sold through dealers around the country.

How do you acquire new clients?
I let the dealers find new clients but I do advertise I am hoping my note cards will expose more people to my dolls and to the whole doll world.

What online activities have brought you the most noticeable success?
I have had a website for many years but otherwise I am fairly new to online activities.

Do you have any advice to share on how you have made your business grow?
The only way I know of is to work really hard and to keep going no matter if it seems like it's now growing as fast as you would like.

What are your goals?
I used to just pursue that perfect doll but now I am more relaxed and just try to do the best I can. Developing relationships with people is more the key that trying for perfection in everything.

What do you do when you are not creating?
I have a wonderful family that is always there for me and of course my husband of 33 years and a host of friends will always keep me busy.

When did you start creating?
I have always done something. It's just that for doll making I had many of the skills and just had to hone them over the years. For instance I have to sculpt, paint, make wigs and style them and sew clothing. Other than sculpting and making wigs, I already knew how to do the rest.

What is your next project going to be?
I have eight dolls to get done in a month (which won't happen) so I am just going to do more of the same for a while now. I am also trying to expand the card/print side of my business.

--If you'd like to read a little more about Sarah's life and work, check out her

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  1. WOW!!!! Those dolls look so real!