Monday, May 12, 2008

Featured Seller: Across the Pond

Who are you?
My name is Casey and my shop is Across the Pond.

Why did you choose your shop/company name?
My husband and I met in London while I was living there for a semester in college. He followed me home, and I kept him. :) We've been married ten years now and we have two beautiful children. London is my second home and so many wonderful things got started there, and I felt I wanted to acknowledge that in my Etsy endeavors.
Where are you located?
Morrisville, NC

What do you create?
A little bit of everything! In my shop I have jewelry (mostly rings) and paper goods. I also love sewing, scrapbooking, photography, and pottery (although I haven't been to the studio since before the baby was born and I'm so out of practice I think I will need to retake my classes!)

What is your favorite place to visit in the Triangle?
My husband and I like to take the kids to Crabtree Lake, Duke Gardens, and the Museum of Life and Sciences in Durham (I could live in that butterfly house). When we get the chance to have a date night, my husband and I usually go to MacGregor Village and eat sushi at Wasabi and go to one of the many bars around there to have a few drinks and hang out together.

What is the most time consuming part of your craft/art?
The most time-consuming part is shopping for supplies with my 8 month old!

What is your favorite place to sell your items?
Etsy is my favorite, because it's the only place I'm selling right now. :) I have to keep things on a smaller scale right now because of family obligations, and I see Etsy as a first step on my crafty business journey. As time goes on, I'd like to slowly add more to my Etsy shop and branch out into other venues. I'd love to get in on the craft fair scene soon!

What online activities have brought you the most noticeable success?
My business still has a lot of room to grow, but I have come a long way! I'm so glad to have joined the Triangle Street team because you all are so sweet and have done so much promoting. Ya'll are Treasury Queens! I have also found that posting in the forums at Etsy is helpful, as well as blogging and chatting. My shop is listed in my signature at all the parenting sites I post on. I have also been featured on a few blogs. And all this is fun, so it doesn't really feel like I'm working at promoting my shop!

--If you'd like to read more about Casey's life and work, check out her blog.

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