Monday, June 30, 2008

Featured Seller: BeckagatorPhoto

Who are you ?
Beckagator Photo

Where are you located?
Durham, NC

Why did you choose your shop name?
I really like alligators.

What do you create and how long have you done so?
I take photographs, and I have been creating more than just snapshots since 2000, I dabbled in it since i can remember, i found a roll of old 110 film from a class project on pollution i did in third grade, who knew garbage could be so artsy!

What is your favorite place to visit in the Triangle?
The Butterfly/insect house at the Museum of Life and Science, or Elmos diner on any given night, ooh and then there are the sunny days down at the eno river, and the scrap exchange, when im feeling uncreative, it always gets the juices going. I like going to the airport to watch the planes too.

How do you envision your creations being used by your customers?
I think Photographs capture a moment in time, they can bring a mood or a memory, or just peaceful thoughts, and they bring beauty into a space. I say put a photograph wherever you want to, i think ceilings are under-used.

How do you aquire new clients?
Mostly word of mouth. I have websites and business cards, but the most effective method is people that know me and know my work telling people how much they like it. Self promotion is great but it sometimes comes across as arrogant and conceited. I work really hard to do the best I can, and stive to be unique and innovative, I enjoy what i do, and that speaks volumes.

Why did you choose your medium?
I like how amazingly in and out of context a photograph can be at the same time, I have an overactive imagination and traditional creative mediums tend to give me too many options, and I tend to be the less decisive type.

What is your next project going to be?
I am currently working on a photography contest with the Wildlife in North Carolina magazine.

--If you'd like to see more examples of BeckagatorPhoto's work, check out this web-site.

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