Friday, July 4, 2008

Where We Create: Behind the Scenes of NC Triangle Etsiers

Behind the scenes of Etsy shop Jack and Jill's Mom.

How would you describe the space in which you create? I create everything handmade in my dining room because we never use it, however, I feel an excommunication to the guest bedroom is coming since my two little ones are always rummaging through my things when I try to work. My photography is mostly done at local parks, or right here in the neighborhood. I found myself obsessed over the “hearts in nature” collection (see photo).

What is your favorite thing about your space? My favorite things about the dining room are the natural light it gets, and that it contains all of my craft stuff. It’s nice to be able to lay everything out and get creative!

How do you keep your space organized? I take absolutely NO credit for organizing my materials. My husband picks up little plastic containers, or makes these cool devices for me to put all my items in. He rocks!

Do you have inspiration pieces in your space? If so, what are they? I would have to say, as corny as it sounds, nature has been my biggest inspiration. I think this shows in my photography as well as my hair clips. We are lucky to have such beautiful scenery here in NC and I try to channel mother nature as much as I can.

Is there something else you'd like to share about your space? Actually, I just got a sewing machine for Mother's Day. The excitement (and trips to the fabric store) are officially out of control. My first project is a dress for my friends daughter. It’s great to be part of a community that celebrates creativity. Thanks for letting me share!

The picture of my family is in the dining room, and my daughter is wearing the very first dress I ever made.

Check out more photos for sale, barrettes, hair clips and more at Jack and Jill's Mom!

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  1. Wow--I'm impressed by all of the hearts that you've found in nature!