Monday, July 14, 2008

Featured Seller: MooreMagnets

Who are you?
April, Owner of Moore Magnets

Where are you located?
Siler City, NC

What is your favorite place to visit in the Triangle?
Pullen Park – It is a beautiful place, the kids have a great place to play and it was where I played when I was a little girl growing up in the triangle.

What do you create and how long have you done so?
I make magnet boards, paper doll magnets, and other magnet stuff! The idea came in late 2004 and I began making them in 2005, but I did not begin selling them until 2006
What inspires you?
I am a mom, so my kids provide plenty of inspiration. However, I have been a compulsive organizer my entire life, and I have never been able to find organizational systems that are pretty and functional. So, I try to make my boards serve that purpose.

Where do you create?
I have a 16’x20’ workshop that my husband and I built in my backyard where I do all of the woodworking and painting, but all of the fabric stuff is still done in the house where ever I can find space.

What is the most time consuming part of your craft?
I spend lots of time sanding. I take great pride and care making sure that there are no splinters or sharp edges that could cut little fingers. Also, the more time I spend sanding the better painting and finishing comes out.

How do you envision your creations being used by your customers?
I hope that customers see that one of my magnet boards could be used in any room of the house including the bathroom and garage. You can stick all kinds of things under magnets, and also I have magnet tins that can hold every thing from screws, to beads, to jewelry, to scrapbooking supplies and even spices since they are food grade.

What is your next project going to be?
I would like to make some organizational items that don’t use magnets. I have some really fun pieces for children’s rooms in the works that are 3 dimensional and non-gender specific. I want to bring some fun in to keeping things in their place. But the most important thing to me has always been to make items that are affordable because that was the main problem that I came across when trying to decorate my children’s rooms. I had to give up so much in style just to have function in something I could afford.

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