Monday, September 8, 2008

Featured Seller: Liv'nGood Jewelry

Who are you?
Jill Liles of Liv'nGood Jewelry

Why did you choose your shop name?
My maiden name is Livengood, and growing up we always got comments about "living good" - even though that's not how it's pronounced - so when I started to sell, it just sort of fit.

Where are you located?
Fuquay-Varina, NC

What is your favorite place to visit in the Triangle?
Raven Rock State Park in Lillington NC - "undiscovered" park on the banks of the Cape Fear with great hiking trails - my dog loves it.

What do you create and how long have you done so?
Jewelry - chain maille mostly, but also semi-precious stone and wire wrapping. I started creating in Nov 2007 & quickly filled up my (and my family's) jewelry box, so I decided to try selling it.

Where do you create?
My kitchen table (which we never ate at anyway) is the "official" jewelry station, but it's crept into the den too. One of the best things about chainmaille is that once you start, it's kind of mindless, so I can watch TV at the same time.

What is you most popular item that you create?
My punk maille cuffs are definitely the most popular. They're fun (it's half rubber rings and have colored aluminum) and funky - and I can do lots of different color combinations, so you can customize it on the fly.

What is your favorite place to sell your items?
I sell a good bit to friends at work - they've even bought pieces off my wrist a time or two! Etsy is by far my biggest source of "stranger" sales - that is, sales to people I'm not related to or work with. But I've only done one craft fair so far, so that may change.

What is your next project going to be?
I just took a demo on Amazing Glaze and bought a bunch of old watch parts, so I'm thinking of some steampunky pendants and bracelets. I love that look, but haven't figured out how to incorporate it into what I do, so this is a stretch for me. I'm also taking a silversmithing class in August, so hopefully that will spark a lot of new ideas too.