Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Etsy Around the World: funwallart

This week our Etsy trip takes us to Toronto to find some Fun Wall Art.

Who are you (actual name and/or shop name)?
My name is Janice and my shop name is Funwallart.

Where are you located?
I live and work in the fantastic city of Toronto, Canada.

What do you create?

I create a little bit of everything. I just love to work
with my hands. When my hands are idle I can assure you that I am asleep. Mainly I love creating functional art, but I do dabble in a lot of different areas.

Have you ever visited North Carolina (if so, what was your favorite part of the trip)? I have been to North Carolina and I thought it was beautiful and elegant just like the people who live there. True hospitality.

What is your favorite place to visit in your hometown (and why)? Toronto is very multi cultural and a true joy to experience. One of my favorite places to visit is the St. Lawrence Market where you enter into a world of fine foods and fresh produce like nowhere else. This is one of many fabulous Toronto landmarks that make this city so great.

What inspires you?
I get inspired by the beauty of texture. I love it so much. The look of cement and time weathered metals are my favorites. Copper patinas, old brass, peeling paint are all among my favorites.

Where do you create?
I am lucky enough to have an office in my home that has been transformed into a studio. I am surrounded by everything that I might need should an idea arise. I feel so comfortable in this room, sometimes I just don’t want to leave.

What is the most time consuming part of your craft?

For me the most time consuming can be shopp
ing for supplies. I don’t really enjoy that process very much and I usually can’t wait to get home so I can start creating. I wish supplies could magically appear. I do however tend to buy enough to tide me over for a while, making it a little less painful.

When did you start creating?
I have always loved crafting. When I was a little girl I would spend countless hours making things, it always made me feel good and always made me happy. As I got older and had a family to raise I was not as involved. I recently stopped working and have had a lot more time to use my creativity and I have never been happier.

What is your most popular item that you create?
My trinket boxes are loved by a lot of people. They are pretty and elegant and can work in pretty much any d├ęcor scheme. They are also the most fun to make.

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