Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Etsy Around the World: Sherry Truitt Studios

We are headed for New Jersey to meet an artist who knows how to balance life, family and work and keep her spirit level.

Who are you (actual name and/or shop name)?
My name is Sherry Truitt and I am the sole proprietor of sherry truitt studios.

Where are you located?
We live in New Jersey in a small town across the river from Philadelphia and are only about 45 minutes from the beach.

What do you create?
I craft eclectic jewelry and currently have 3 lines: form meets function, vintage marries modern and simply sterling.

Have you ever visited North Carolina (if so, what was your favorite part of that trip)?
When we were newly married, my husband and I visited the Outer Banks just before hurricane season. The road became windswept with sand and we had to stop at a little motel, called the Sea Gull instead of the inn on Okracoke Island. It actually ended up to be a lovely couple of days, winds howling all around us!

What is your favorite place to visit in your hometown (and why)?
I was born in Savannah right near the Juliet Gordon Low house. She's the founder of the Girl Scouts. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by every day objects people use in their daily work. I love the juxtaposition of mixing sterling and copper with spirit levels, compasses and maps.

Where do you create?
I have a studio in the attic of our craftsman bungalow. It has 7 glorious windows, but it's cold in the winter. My husband is installing heat, but I've found the fingerless gloves I buy on etsy very useful.

How do you find time to create and still take care of a family?
I am fortunate to work in my home. I can bake a loaf of bread, take my son to school, work on a custom order all in the same hour. When everyone goes to sleep I work a few hours most nights.

What is the most popular item you create?
Actually, my spirit level jewelry is my signature piece. But last spring I designed a chalk board necklace in honor of my mom who was a kindergarten teacher. She's not with us any longer, but all of the slate is from a 40 pound piece that used to be on a path to her garden.

Do you have any advice...
I am so blessed to do what I love, to make a living and try never to forget that. I treat each customer as if I expect them to return for years to come. Repeat customers get a coupon to use on their next order on my website. And I'd never sell anything I wouldn't be proud to wear myself.

You can read more about Sherry Truitt at her website and her blog So, Sherry.

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