Monday, October 6, 2008

Featured Seller: CarolinaWeaver

Who are you?
I'm Kathleen Weaver, owner of The Carolina Weaver.

Where are you located?
I'm located in North Raleigh.
What do you create?
I specialize in handwoven baskets, tote baskets and seasonal weavings.
Why did you choose your company name?
Carolina Weaver seemed to be the perfect name for me! I'm a basket last name really IS Weaver and as a resident of North Carolina and an ardent UNC fan.....Carolina Weaver was born!
What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"?
Has to be the State Farmer's Market, not only for the fresh produce, but also for the wonderful crafts offered by state and local craftspeople.
When did you start creating?
My Mother was a basket weaver and she actually taught me how to weave many, many.......many, many years ago when I was a Girl Scout working on a Basketry badge! I got away from weaving as I grew up, but later on, when my sons were teenagers, I needed a relaxing hobby and rediscovered basket weaving as a perfect "therapy time".
What inspires you?
Baskets were originally made and used for centuries as containers and utensils for the common people. Today, many of my baskets mimic older designs, while others are custom made for clients. They let me know what they need, the size, shape and any special trim color and I design from there. I have a client in California who has been remodeling her home and sent me the measurements for baskets that she needed for shelving in her kitchen, bathrooms and even family room. Those were to hold things like CD's, remote controls, etc. So, in reality, modern technology can have an impact on a craft as old as basketry.
Do you have any advice to share on how you have made your business grow?
In order to grow and prosper, I've had to offer top quality, handwoven baskets. Cheap imports are available in many stores, but I offer a product made in the USA and custom made for each client. I've found that word-of-mouth is a fantastic selling tool. have to get your name out there. I'm a member of many crafts groups online and participate in arts and crafts shows in the triangle area and also at the NC coast. A craftsperson has to take advantage of any opportunity to advertise. I even leave brochures at my Dr. office and on bulletin boards in grocery stores. Network, network, network!
What do you do when not creating?
I'm a mother and grandmother and have been a teacher for over 30 years. While I've taught in elementary schools and undergraduate and graduate level classes, I've been a preschool teacher in the Cary/Raleigh area for 26 years. I treasure my time with my "little guys"! My husband and I also enjoy traveling and following the "Tar Heels"!
--To see more of Kathleen's creations, check out her basket and primitives websites.

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  1. You are just what I was looking for, some great looking baskets. I sent you a convo in etsy.