Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Etsy Around the World: Elysium Beads

I'm ready to start Christmas shopping. From now until Christmas I will be featuring Etsy shops that have unique items for Christmas gifts and decorations. This week we begin in Australia to see what a lampworker does. I was very amazed at Rebecca's work. This is one of those shops where it was almost impossible to pick just 3 photos. everything she has is gorgeous. I'm hoping my husband took my hint about how much I looooove these beads.

Who are you?
My name is Rebecca Cordingley and my business’s name is Elysium Beads.

Where are you located?
Adelaide, South Australia.

What do you create?
I’m a lampworker. I primarily make glass beads but occasionally make small glass vessels (perfume bottles). I also use some of my glass beads to make jewellery.

Have you ever visited North Carolina?
No, I haven’t but I’ve spent a couple of weeks in the US and loved it!

What is your favorite place to visit in your hometown?
I enjoy driving through the Adelaide Hills. It’s a beautiful area with lots of small towns. The official website is at

Where do you create?
I have a lampwork studio in my home with a Mini CC dual-fuel (propane and oxygen) torch. (how awesome would it be to have a cool crafting tool like that!) When I’m making jewellery, I usually sit on either the bedroom or living room floor, surrounded by boxes of my glass beads and other supplies.

What is you most popular item that you create?
Pandora/Troll/Biagi-style beads. The bracelets are hugely popular at the moment and people seem to like buying one-of-a-kind lampwork beads to go on them. I also sell quite a few focal beads and sets but Pandora-style beads are currently the most popular.

What is your favorite place to sell your items?
I sell both online and in person but prefer to sell online as you can easily reach a huge market and the people who look at my shop seem to be looking specifically for lampwork beads.

What online activities have brought you the most noticeable success?
I’ve recently started using social networking sites such as Twitter and Flickr and they’re a great way to advertise for little or no cost. As a seller on Etsy, I think joining Teams is a big help. I’m a member of the Lampwork Etc Street Team (LEST) and Down Under Street Team (DUST). LEST in particular is a great community and all the members help to advertise each other.

When did you start creating?
I started making lampwork beads in August 2006 but then had a long break in 2007 when I moved interstate to study for a year and wasn’t able to take my equipment with me. Before getting involved in lampworking, I had been doing a lot of photography and did a couple of Black and White darkroom courses. I’ve also been knitting for several years so even before becoming starting lampworking, I’d been involved with arts and crafts for a long time.

Find out more about Elysium Beads at and

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