Friday, June 26, 2009

Where We Create: Fancythatcookies

This week we are given a sneak peak into Fancythatcookies' kitchen... if only we could smell what was cooking too!

How would you describe the space in which you create?
Counter space! Big window! I have pretty good counter space in my kitchen, and a really big window. I have just enough counter space that I won’t run out space when I bake, or knocking off stuff while I am baking. That big window in my kitchen is a great backdrop for most of the pictures from my shop. It lets sun in on a sunny day, and I can see my lavender flowers, garden and blue birds from where I am working.

What is your favorite thing about your space?
Just big enough, not too small or big. Easy to keep them clean and organized.

How do you keep your space organized?
All my sugar, chocolate, flour, spices and herbs have their own little home in the pantry.

Do you have inspiration pieces in your space?
The big window that’s in the kitchen. Standing in front of it with a cup of hot coffee makes my normal morning even better.

Is there something else you'd like to share about your space?
I have a few pictures that I would like to share with everybody.

The big window!

The counter space!
The Best Rich Chocolate Torte!
The pantry!

--If you're a member of the NCTriangle team and like to show off the space where YOU create, let me know.

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