Friday, July 10, 2009

Where We Create: The Salty Cat Co.

Today's crafting space visit is to the studio of The Salty Cat Co....

How would you describe the space in which you create?
My studio is fairly organized, except for the table on which I create. That's usually full of the supplies needed for whatever project I'm working on at the moment. When I'm done with that project, I'll clean up and start the mess all over again with a new project!

What is your favorite thing about your space?
It's all mine! (Well, that, and all the storage space!)

How do you keep your space organized?
Lots of cabinets! I also organize by craft type, so all my jewelry supplies are together, sewing supplies are together, rubber stamping supplies are together and so on!

Do you have inspiration pieces in your space?
I often display items that I've either created or discovered for inspiration. Sometimes it's pieces of jewlery, sometimes a card I've created, or something I've sewn!

--If you're a NCTriangle team member and would like to share the space where you create, please contact DinnerTimeChimes.

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