Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured Local Seller: Bill Swindman Photography

Who am I? I'm Bill Swindaman of the not all that imaginatively named "Bill Swindaman Photography."

Where am I located? I live in Carrboro, NC.

What do I create? I do photography, mostly nature photography, primarily landscapes. I certainly, however, enjoy finding a beautiful bloom or an interesting animal to observe and photograph, and I'm working on getting better at pointing my camera at other people and other subjects. I print my own work too, a process I also find enjoyable.

Foggy Blue Ridge Mountain Sunset By Bill Swindman
What is my favorite place to visit in the Triangle? Photographically, I'd say Duke Gardens because of the variety of subjects. Also Jordan Lake, particularly on quiet, foggy fall or winter mornings. Otherwise, I guess my favorite spot is having drinks and dinner with friends at Jujube's restaurant in Chapel Hill.

When did I start creating? Though I've intermittently enjoyed taking photos since I was very young, mostly when traveling, I began to seriously pursue photography in the fall of 2006 with the purchase of my first digital SLR.

Why did I choose my medium? I guess I chose photography partly because I got a little good feedback on my initial efforts from friends and because it is an excellent excuse to travel to and go exploring in beautiful natural areas.
Bill Swindman's Trees at Botany Bay Print
Who inspires me? The photographer John Shaw has been my inspiration for a long time, both for his wonderfully composed and executed work and for the excellent insights he has provided in his books and other writings.

What inspires me? Being outside in a natural area at 5:00 am, watching the colors of dawn appear and listening to the animal world gradually awakening. Making a few sales on Etsy from time to time is a great motivator too!

Where do I create? I do most of my actual photography in the Carolinas with occasion journeys to neighboring states. I'm particularly attracted to the low country, the swamps and wetlands of eastern North and South Carolina, though with the recent triple digit temperatures I'm starting to escape to the mountains more often. For photo editing and printing, I am fortunate to have one room of my townhouse dedicated primarily to the photography stuff.
Sunrise at Round Bald by BillSwindmanPhoto on Etsy
What are my business goals? Initially my goal in opening an Etsy shop was simply to be able to share my photography with more people, not really to make money. Between Etsy, photo sharing sites, facebook and my website it has been satisfying to have more people see and react to my photos. I'm semi-retired now, but still need to work periodically at temporary or part-time jobs. My new goal is to be able to make this part-time work be exclusively photography.

After you've viewed Bill's exquisite prints and notecards on etsy, don't forget to take a peek at his photography website or follow his page on page on Facebook.

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