Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Local Featured Seller: Sara Vogt Photography

Who are you? Sara Vogt Photography

Where are you located? Greenville, NC and surrounding area

What do you create? Photo prints
Peek A Boo - Lucky the Bunny Portrait by Sara Vogt What is your favorite place to visit in the triangle? Cameron Village for the eclectic selection of shops and the Lebanese restaurant Sitti for the authentic, Lebanese cuisine

When did you start creating? July 2006

What is your most cherished handmade item? I love all of my photos. They are all my "babies" that I have brought to life.

Why did you choose your medium? I love photography and over the years I have come to realize how big of an impact that it can have on others lives.

Sara Vogt's Red Flower PhotoWhat inspires you? Any beautiful photography or photos that show aspects of life and fantasy that I never thought about.

Where do you create? Anywhere that I take my camera. When I edit, I normally sit in my living room or in my bedroom with my pet rabbit Cinnamon.

Why did you choose your shop name? Because I thought my last name is unique enough that people would remember it.

What are your goals? To own a flourishing portrait photography business in the next 5 years; to get married and have a family someday; to complete my Business Administration Associates Degree and have people be inspired by my work.

Linen Flower by Sara Vogt PhotographyWhat do you do when you are not creating? Read, shop, collect quotes, play with my bunny Cinnamon, cook and laugh!

After you've browsed Sara's photography on etsy, you can find her on Facebook under Sara Vogt or her own website.

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