Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Local Featured Seller: Hard Boiled Megg

Who are you? My name is Megan and my little business is called Hard Boiled Megg.

Where are you located? I (very) recently relocated to Durham, NC.

What do you create? My featured work of late are my Fruit and Vegetable Trophies. I also create beaded jewelry, knit, crochet, and more recently sew. I'm still in the learning stages of sewing.

Plum Produce Trophy by Hardboiledmegg on etsyWhat is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle?" Oh my! This is a terrible question for me right now (I can't possible have a favorite), but a great opportunity for others to recommend where I should visit :)

When did you start creating? In 2000 I started work in a great little bead store in Eureka Springs, AR. More than 10 years later I am still making jewelry and teaching beading classes. In 2002 I started knitting on my own. After many months (years, really) of trial and error I've become a better knitter and a more patient person overall.
Hard Boiled Megg's Adult Chicken Hat with LegsWhat is your most cherished handmade item? I couldn't choose just one. There are a few oil paintings my grandmother painted that I would never part with. My grandfather also made wonderful wooden furniture for me as a child (a cradle, toyboxes and more) that mean a lot.

Why did you choose your medium? I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss why I started making the Fruit and Vegetable Trophies. Please take a look at this blog post.

What inspires you? I am most inspired by the limitations of working with limited resources. Some of my most creative moments happen when I have very little to work with!
.Orange and Green Coral Flower Caterpillar Bracelet by Hard Boiled MeggWhy did you choose your shop/company name? Humor and fun MUST be present in my work. MUST. So, what better business name than a pun??

What are your goals? With my line of Fruit and Vegetable Trophies, I want to spark conversation about food. I think it is important to do so, on many levels.

So after you've had a chance to look at Megan's etsy shop and read her blog, don't forget to come back and offer suggestions on where someone with her fun personality needs to visit in and around the Triangle!

NCTriangle Team members who would like to be featured on the blog, please contact Shore Debris.

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  1. Great stuff Meg! Being relatively new here myself I am still discovering places. I do like campus hiking at UNC and then stopping in at the Frank gallery on Franklin St. Oh, and the artichoke pizza place is scrumptious (although I don't think that's the name of it).
    Good luck to you!