Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Local Featured Seller: Villainous Vixen

My name is Pagan Reid, and my shop is Villainous Vixen! I am located in north Raleigh, NC. I make lots of different things! I sew and I also work on a line of jewelry with my husband using shrink plastic. We sell bags, aprons, skirts, plushes, earrings, necklaces, and anything else we can create!
Coffin Clutch, Black with Silver Cross, Lined with Body Bag, Handmade by Pagan Reid of Villainous Vixen My favorite place in the Triangle has always been Pullen Park. I lived down the road from it for the first 19 years of my life, and have many memories from it. It's always so beautiful, and I absolutely love the carousel ride. It's so colorful and inspiring! I can't wait for the Grand Re-Opening this November. I have missed my park since it closed in 2009!

I started seriously creating only in the past few months, but have been really into sewing for around 5 years. It was my dream to be a fashion designer, so I took up sewing by taking a class at my highschool, and I fell in love with it. After that, I really wanted to start my own business, but when I quit my job last December to plunge headfirst into business ownership, I was in a bad car accident just a few days later that broke my arm and made it impossible to start my dream. Now that I am able to use my arm again, I'm spending pretty much every moment creating, whether it's sewing or now making jewelry with my husband.
Pagan Reid's Kitty with Crossbones Earrings available in Villainous Vixen's etsy shop I love handmade so much that I don't think I can pick one favorite item! I guess I will be cheesy, and say that I ADORE the ring my husband made my with my logo on it. It is so cute and I wear it everywhere!

I draw my inspiration from so many places. I of course love Tim Burton's art and movies, and anything dark and gothic like that I love. I am also very inspired by the gothic and rockabilly music and fashion scenes. I love 'weird' people! My husband is also a huge source of inspiration, he's the most creative person I know!! I love having someone who is so honest and also so into color and creating things. He's such a huge inspiration!
Vinyl Clutch, Heart and Lightning, Red Blue and Silver, Handmade by Pagan ReidCurrently the Villainous Vixen studio is actually a bonus room in my basement. We painted it with crazy purple, pink, grey, and black stripes and have loaded everything we can into it. I have my sewing station, and there is a jewelry making table. There is also a TV where we occasionally play video games when we need some time to recharge our creativity.

My main goal is to have a successful business. It's the only thing I really want!! I would love to be able to make money from selling my creations and support myself and my husband from the business. We want to move to a new country at some point, and I would love to be able to have an actual store front!! The thought of that excites me. My business is my everything!

You can also find Villainous Vixen on Facebook and follow them on twitter @stitchasaurus.

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