Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Local Featured Seller: Lilac's Lovables

Who are you? I'm Leanne Rodriguez from Lilac's Lovables.

Where are you located? In the Fuquay-Varina area near Raleigh.

What do you create? I create plush dolls (ninjas, animals etc), hats, scarves, gloves and mug cozies for the most part, although nothing is off-limits if it takes my fancy!

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"? I'm going to assume that Michael's stores don't count here! It's funny really, I'm not much of an outdoor person (I don't mix well with either bugs or the heat) yet my two favourite places are outdoors. The first is Johnston Lake with its 3 mile path around it. It's a beautiful place, peaceful yet brimming with colours and sounds. So nice to get away from all the electric hums at home we grow so accustomed to. The other is Bass Lake where I sometimes fish with my Hubby and his business partner. Another peaceful getaway place with a beautiful view.

Handmade Domo by Leanne Rodriguez of Lilac's Lovables
When did you start creating? My Mum always encouraged our creativity as kids, and I still remember my Nana taking me to her knitting shop when I was 5 and attending the kids class. I only remember going once and feeling a little overwhelmed with everyone else there, but back at Nana's house I learned well, by hand and on her awesome knitting machines. I always tinkered with knitting as I grew up, and learned to crochet when I was 15. A couple of years ago my hubby asked if I could make a Domo for him. Then his friend wanted one, and said it was so good I should sell them on Etsy. I found out very quickly that I couldn't sell them due to copyright, but never the less that was the beginnings of my Etsy store and serious creating!

What is your most cherished handmade item? I still have a beautiful lace design sweater that my Nana made, and so many memories of other items she has made me over the years. They will always be so very special to me.
Why did you choose your medium?

If it didn't choose me, I think I was born for yarn. Over the years I have had more creative kits of varying sorts than I could count, and I even took GCSE (English 'General Certificate of Secondary Education) in Art and Design: 3D Studies - Pottery. As much as I long for other artistic outlets at times (and rarely find the time), I always come back to my yarn and needles or hooks. I find it so relaxing and rewarding. Not just creating something nice to look at, but also with a practical purpose.

What inspires you? Definitely my family. My Mum Debbie has always encouraged me, my Nana Hazel taught me to knit, and my Great Cousin Audrey (bless her soul) taught me to crochet. I have designed winter sets and named them after the ladies of my family as you can see in my shop. My Hubby Rafael is a constant inspiration. Without his support I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today. Many of the more geeky items I create are born from his requests, and his input and opinion is very important to me.
Handmade Valentine Red Heart Hand and Coin Purse Set From LilacsLovables on etsyWhere do you create? Mainly at home, either by the computer or on the couch and usually watching netflix as I go. I rarely go anywhere without my bag of yarn, notebook and tools, as the thought of having time and not creating is too much to bear! In the car, at my Hubby's dealership or visiting family - wherever I am, as long as I have a clean dry place, I am happy with my yarn.

Why did you choose your shop/company name? My shop name is actually a spin-off from my long run of XBox Live Gamertags. I love all things purple, and Lilac is a nice shade, so I started with LilacGamer. Of all the variations, Lilac is what has stuck with me. When I decided to open my shop, I mainly had plush dolls for sale (my little 'lovables'), it had a nice ring to it so I went for it. My Gamertag evolved at this time also to Lovable_Lilac, and I don't see it changing now.

What are your goals? It's a new year and time for resolutions... Shop-wise, I want to have over 100 items in my shop and get some of my patterns written up and listed. Hopefully I can double my sales this year also. Personally, I want to bake more (from scratch), get a bit more organised and make time to make myself something nice!
Hand Crocheted Debbie Set in Aqua - Hat Scarf & WristletsWhat do you do when you are not creating? Four days a week I help my hubby with his business, mainly just keeping receipts and paperwork in order. When I'm not creating (or thinking about yarn or creating something), you can usually find me playing Minecraft on the PC, or sometimes playing Halo on XBox. I recently got Rocksmith which is helping me to learn guitar through the XBox. I have owned guitars for 10 years now, and it's about time I could play something! I also enjoy reading, fishing with Hubby and walking with my Mum-in-Law. Last but by no means least, I love playing and snuggling up with my three kitties; Sugar, Kaine and Rex. They know the best time to sleep is when I have a project in my hands, 'cos when I put it away they have my full attention and then purry time begins!

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  1. I am very proud of my very creative daughter!

  2. Hey Mum! I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I couldn't do it without all the encouragement, support and sacrifice you have given over the years. Love you! xxx