Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Local Featured Seller: Ring of Wire

Who are you? My name is Melissa Kovack and I am from Ring of Wire.

Where are you located? I currently call home Raleigh, NC.

What do you create? I create hand crafted jewelry, wire wrapped rings and accessories.

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"? I really enjoy going to the NC Art Museum. It is such a beautiful place and we are lucky to have it here in our backyard. From the ever-changing shows, to the weekend movies to their permanent collection – there is something for everyone and it’s amazing to see the talent within.
Gold Hair Comb with Vintage Buttons and Gold Accents by Ring of Wire on EtsyWhen did you start creating? I have been creating since I was very young. Everything from canvas tissue box holders to clay pots to crocheted baskets. My focus on jewelry started about 9 years ago when a fellow coworker inspired me to make an eye glass holder chain because she would continually misplace her glasses. She loved it, others loved it, so many friends and family received them and necklaces that Christmas. I set it all aside after life became too busy, but still held on to the supplies. The creativity bug hit me again and I finally pulled everything out last summer after looking through my old crafting books and some encouragement from my husband. All of that made me realize how much I missed “making”.

What is your most cherished handmade item? I have a small ceramic pot I keep in the kitchen and it has been painted and decorated with bees and filled with fake sunflowers. My mom made it when she was in the hospital for her chemo treatments. I love it.

Why did you choose your medium? I am never really happy with the jewelry I find in stores so making my own always seems to solve the problem. Button and bead rings are pretty unique and definitely conversations starters. That container of buttons you have saved up can be used for so many things! I also really like working with wire and would actually like to focus more of my work in to that direction. You can manipulate it in so many way, but sometimes it just goes where it wants, making a piece truly unique.
Handcrafted Quartz Earrings with Antique Brass Accents available from Ring of Wire on etsy Who inspires you? I am inspired everyday by all of the independent crafters/makers who are truly living out their dream of doing something they love and making it part of their life. My parents are also a big inspiration to me. They ran their own business for 25+ years and I grew up seeing how hard they worked at making it a success. Plus, they had me working there at a very early age so I definitelty received lots of training. My mom passed away several years ago, but I continually thank my dad for the both of them instilling such a great work ethic in me and teaching that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Where do you create? I am always creating things in my head, but my physical work takes place at our kitchen table, which has never been properly used for eating meals. I would love to have a larger work area, but I make do. It just means I need to stay somewhat organized at all times so that is probably a good thing.

Why did you choose your shop name? I thought about a name for days, but just couldn’t come up with something that I liked. I knew I wanted to incorporate wire in to the name, but nothing stuck. My husband texted me ‘Ring of Wire’ one day and, well, that stuck!
Antique Silver Button Ring with Silver Plated Metal Wire handcrafted by Melissa Kovack of Ring of Wire available on etsyWhat are your goals? I do feel that I have so much to learn when it comes to making jewelry so I definitely want to spend more time working new techniques as well as bumping my current skills up to the next level. I would also like to get to the point where I am ready to participate in craft shows as I really enjoy interacting with potential customers and receiving their feedback. And finally, I would like to start a blog sometime this year giving me another avenue to interact with lots of people.

What do you do when you are not creating? I work a full time job Monday-Friday as a Facilities Manager so I only really have time to work on projects on the weekends. When I do take a break from the crafting table, my husband and I enjoy watching movies, traveling and just taking each day as they come. Sometimes a lazy day lounging on the couch is the best thing in the world!

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