Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where We Create: Inside Muddy Heart's Studio

Who are you? My name is Melissa Paxton, but everyone calls me Meli. My pottery shop is called Muddy Heart; I picked this name because for some random reason I see heart shaped things everywhere!!, and when doing pottery, being muddy and dirty is a given!

Where are you located? I live in Cary, NC with my supporting husband and my baby yorkie named Chloe.

Muddy Heart's Closet StudioWhat do you create? I make all sorts of pottery pieces, from delicate jewelry, to mugs, to vases, to pretty dishes and wind chimes!. I do try to keep my pieces small....mainly because my studio is soooo small.

How would you describe the space in which you create? ADORABLY INSPIRING!-- I open the door to my closet..ahem, STUDIO, and I immediately feel like I have to be there making something!. It is tiny, but it is very accommodating and serves its purpose, plus it is so shabby chic cute, I love just looking at it!.
Muddy Heart's Closet StudioWhat is your favorite thing about your space? I actually like how tiny and secluded it is, and also how much I manage to create in there!.

How do you keep your space organized? Ok, any artist/creative person knows that when you're in "the zone" all sense of order and organization goes out the window (I hope I'm not alone in this). When I am working, my space is a little chaotic for some, but everything is kept in labeled clear storage containers, where it all goes back in neatly after every working session.
Muddy Heart's Closet StudioDo you have inspiration pieces in your space? I have an inspiration board right in front of me, where I keep all sorts of pictures I am drawn to. Most of them have nothing to do with pottery, but I love the colors, and that is enough to get my mind going in creating items based on that!. Aside from my inspiration board, I look at tons of things at antique shops and at flea markets; old is new again, and I feel that craftsmen/women back in the day had an amazing talent at making everything more intricate, and I want to emulate that as much as possible.

Is there something else you'd like to share about your space? My actual working surface is only 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep ^_^. Tiny is right!

After ogling this tiny space, you'd better swing by Muddy Heart on etsy to see the beautiful creations that come out of it. While you're still in a Muddy Heart mood, don't forget to catch up on the Domestiquette blog. You can also find her on facebook under Muddy Heart, on twitter as BDOMESTIQUETTE, and on Pinterest as Domestiquette.

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