Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Local Featured Seller: Chicmix Remix

Who are you? My name is Alissa and my shop is called chicmix remix.

Where are you located? I’m located in Raleigh.

What do you create? For my Etsy shop, crocheted housewares such as pillows, seat cushions, coasters, and sachets and accessories such as scarves.

For my personal consumption, I usually craft for the purposes of interior decoration. For example, I just recently made these garlands out of vintage paper coasters that I hung in my kitchen. I also play around with origami once in a while. I made some gift boxes with origami camellias for my Etsy shop. I also do some watercolor painting.
Multicolor Crochet Scarf With Gold Trim made by Alissa of ChicmixWhat is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"? Cameron Village hands down- I love to go shopping then get some cupcakes or croissants at Cafe Carolina.

When did you start creating? When I was 8, I made pompoms and ribbon bracelets to sell to my classmates ^_^.

Why did you choose your medium? When I was a kid, I used to pretend-knit with chopsticks whenever we went to an Asian restaurant (actually I still do…). I finally decided to try my hand at crocheting since I’m at a point in my life now that I have time to pursue hobbies.
Chicmix's Crochet Coasters available for sale on etsyWhat/who inspires you? I was looking at interior decorating blogs and somehow landed on dottie angel’s site and the first post was around creating a stool cover. The post showed me just how hip and modern crocheting can be through the use of color. Anything Japanese also inspires me – Japanese crochet is amazing! Furthermore, I work part-time at Anthropologie and our store displays are another inspiration I draw from.

Why did you choose your shop/company name? I was eating Chex Mix at the time when I was thinking of a name- Chex Mix Bold YUMMILICIOUS!

What are your goals? I’m hoping for consistent sales for my Etsy shop and success (defined as at least breaking even) at craft fairs. I’ll be participating in my first craft fair in May and I’m having sooo much fun with designing the set up.
Round Crochet Pillow Cover With Liner and Insert hand crocheted by Chicmix on etsyWhat do you do when you are not creating? Shopping and reading! I love to read on my Kindle- can’t beat 99 cent and free ebooks! And I work full-time also but it is a non-crafty position so I have to craft elsewhere (yay for Etsy!).

Where can we find you online besides etsy? My only online presence is on Etsy as I have a full-time job, part-time job, and now my Etsy store. Eventually want to start a blog- after I successfully petition to pass a law adding 24 more hours to a day ;).

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