Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Local Featured Seller: Love, Ellie

Who are you? my name is ellie jacques-capon and my shop is love, ellie.

Where are you located? durham, nc

What do you create? i create jewelry, knitted and crocheted goodies, needle felties and paper arts/watercolors. my stuff has an organic vibe to it
aqua element earrings
 What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle?"  wow, hard question. i like so many places (that's why i live here, right?) one of my favorites is the american tobacco district down by the ballpark in durham. i love grabbing a cold drink and sitting by one of the inventive waterfalls (you must see the train waterfall) and take endless photos of the moving water, write, sketch or paint. it always feels so good to me. shopping for supplies...i head to ornamentea in raleigh for jewelry ingredients, yarns etc in chapel hill for yarn and fiber yumminess and jerry's art-a-arama in raleigh for endless art supplies at great prices.

When did you start creating?  shortly after i developed fine motor skills!

Why did you choose your medium? i haven't chosen, really. i love to do so many things and while i really admire people who can specialize, i just can't. i dig cold metal and warm fibers, love the soft colors of gemstones and the knock you off your feet vibrancy of koi watercolors or fabulous batik fabrics. so while i would love to have A medium, i have a coven of muses instead.

tribal agate and leather earrings
 What inspires you? color, nature, moments, other artists, texture, magazines, print ads, artist interaction and love.

Where do you create? i have a fabulous studio that was once our second bedroom. someday, when it is straightened enough for a little photo session, i will share it with everyone here. but everything i do is really portable because i like to create wherever i go. i was recently away for a week and had one overnight bag for clothes and three bags for art supplies.

Why did you choose your shop/company name? i really love creating, like crazy mad love it, so having 'love, ellie' as my business and shop name is completely perfect. everything i do, i do because i love working with the materials and knowing that someone will adopt the piece and love it too. makes my little crafter's heart sing.

brown and white agate and leather bracelet

What are your goals? it was several years ago that i decided to become a creativity coach (did i mention that? hm) and to not only send my little creations into the world but to let money come back to me in exchange. i have treated this more like a part time business than a full out, full time business since then and it is time now to sprout some wings and take off. i have laid the ground work to create this vision i have of a coaching/creativity mega that encourages women, whether they are entrepreneurs, artists, coaches or just fabulous, to dream their most vivid dreams and then help make them make those dreams into their glowing gorgeous reality. personally, i am totally in favor of becoming rich, traveling the world, biking northern italy and acquiring supplies from all over the globe.

What do you do when you are not creating? help others create, play with my dogs, enjoy life, sleep.

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  1. Oh wow, these are so pretty. Nice feature! I really like the tribal earrings!