Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Local Featured Seller: ChatterBlossom

Who are you?  Jamie, "ChatterBlossom"

Where are you located?  Raleigh, NC

What do you create?  Accessories with a Story to Tell

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle?"  Market Restaurant in Downtown Raleigh because they are a local joint serving fantastically delicious food that is sustainable, organic, and locally sourced whenever possible. The place is relaxed and comfy and my husband and I love to go chill together over a glass of wine.
Floral Button Ring
 When did you start creating?  I've been creating in general for years, but I've only recently opened my Etsy shop in May of this year.

What is your most cherished handmade item?  A hair fascinator that I made for myself out of my grandmother's old brooch

Why did you choose your medium?  I love things with history and a story, so vintage baubles were an easy choice.

What inspires you?  Anything and everything romantic. I love old books, gardens, delicious meals, beautiful views, tea and sweets.
Peony Flower Hair Clip
 Where do you create?  I make everything right in my living room on a vintage leather topped coffee table. I have a big patio window that I keep open to view the forest of trees by my apartment while I work.

Why did you choose your shop name?  I really wanted something that evoked both flowers and stories and I just played with synonyms of those words until it sounded right to me. ChatterBlossom

What are your goals?  I would love to continue making accessories and hopefully grow my business steadily. I also want to have a large flower garden in the future where I can sell cut flowers for local businesses and weddings alongside of my etsy shop using the same name.
Button Bobby Pins
What do you do when you are not creating?  Dance, Dance, Dance! I love swing and blues dancing. I also really really like eating good food and spending that time with my husband.

After you've viewed Jaime's beautiful accessories on etsy, you can also find her on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and blogger.

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