Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Local Featured Seller: SweetestPie

Who are you?  Jen from SweetestPie

Where are you located?  Cary, NC

What do you create?  I create wall art for children and families. Most of my work has a "cute" and unique childlike feel to it, partly because I use fabrics to create many of my images. So far all of my Etsy orders have been custom orders, which is awesome! I love to personalize and collaborate with customers to make something really special for them. I plan for my shop to expand and the platform for my art to continue to evolve, which is exciting!!

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"?   Love NC Museum of Art and Umstead for similar reasons - they're free, beautiful, and the trails are awesome!!
UNC Tarheel Cheerleader
 When did you start creating?  I'm pretty sure I started creating before I can remember :) I've always been a big doodler - mostly caricatures and patterns, and studied Art History in college and grad school.

What is your most cherished handmade item?  One of my earliest fabric figures was of an Irish dancer, because my oldest daughter Irish danced for years. I attached it to a sweatshirt, and she loved wearing it! I still have the sweatshirt, now long outgrown, hanging in my studio - it reminds me of those early days (nine years ago!) when I was first creating my "felt friends", and of course it has sentimental value too - it looks like my firstborn baby! That's one of the reasons I love to personalize my art, the sentimental aspect makes it a treasure!

What inspires you?  I adore being a mom and am around young kids every day at work, so children definitely inspire me! I love to create, and I love having ownership over my time and my work, so the "lifestyle" inspires me -- it's so fun and rewarding.
Girl and Dog Art Collage
Where do you create?  I have an awesome studio in one of those fabulous NC bonus rooms! I definitely sketch and jot down ideas on the fly - swim practice, carpool - I'm a mom. :)

What are your goals?  I've sold outside of Etsy in the past, so right now my goal is to really figure out the online world and where I fit in it. Ultimately I want to have an Etsy shop that will be successful enough that I can justify devoting my working hours entirely to my business!
Ballerina Girl Wall Art
What do you do when you are not creating?  I have a husband, 3 active kids, 2 dogs, and a part-time job, so life is pretty busy! I love to be outdoors with my family and pups, drink coffee, and laugh - lots!

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