Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Local Featured Seller: Behind The Hook

Hi, my name is Lina Claire Smithey the owner of BehindTheHook. I live in a small town, Burlington, North Carolina, I am a full time mother of 2 sweet little boys and I crochet hats for babies, kids and all ages. I don't have a favorite place to visit in the triangle but I do love taking my kids to parks and other fun places, we go to Myrtle beach every summer to wind down and have fun. 

I started crocheting in May 2008 and my first project was a baby blanket for my first child which took me 3 days to finish and my next project was a hat for my second baby in September 2011 and that's when I got hooked into it and made it a hobby. Crocheting is fun and I love seeing my ideas turn into something that someone can wear, enjoy and love! I posted pictures of my work on Facebook and one of my friends from New York who's also selling hats on Etsy convinced me to sell my work and sign up on Etsy.  That was in January 2012 and I didn't join until February 2012.
Blue Owl Hat
My most cherished item is the Giraffe Hat. My baby loves giraffes and this is one of the first hats I listed on Etsy. 

My sons, babies and kids inspire me a lot, ever since I was a little girl. Being the youngest of 11 kids growing with older brothers and sisters and no one younger than me is what I think the reason why I get excited, happy and playful every time I see younger or little kids and babies. 

I work and do crochet at home on my leather couch, sometimes in my bed.

Ladybug Hat

When I first joined Etsy, I named my shop "crochetFab" but when I googled it I saw that there's another person using that name so I changed it to BehindTheHook.  I chose that name because I use crochet hooks when I make my products/items and I thought, well, I am always working behind the hook so why not name my business BehindTheHook ^_^ I think it is easy to remember. :)

My goals for myself is to have a  successful life, family, relationships, and make everyone I know happy. And my business goal is to make all my customers happy/satisfied with my work and their orders. and right now, I'm hoping to get more sales and my shop and work to get discovered. So I can help more needy families in my small town in the Philippines. I send what I make to my "help-funds" to the Philippines each month to feed and help needy families. It is my happiness to help and see happy faces in return.

Baby Monkey Hat
And I spend all my time with my family.
 After you've checked out these very cute hats, you can find BehindTheHook on Facebook and Twitter and Lina on her personal Facebook page.

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