Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Local Featured Seller: Rushingwater Studios

My Name is Christine MacLellan and my shop and studio name is Rushingwater Studios.
I am located in Cary NC.
I paint in oils, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and digitally. I like to paint and draw everything.
My favorite places around the Triangle: I like being outdoors and usually spend sometime each day at local parks. Bond park is in my backyard so you will find me there at least 4 times a week. Other places I like to go to is the NC Arboretum, NC Art Museum trails and park, Duke Gardens, Ferrington Village.
Tidal Pool Original Oil Painting by Christine MacLellan
 I started creating very early. I don’t remember when I didn’t create. I always like to draw and make things. I really started to get serious about painting 25 years ago when my children were small.  It was an escape for me and still is.

I like to explore different mediums and do not prefer one over another when I choose to create something the idea usually dictates what medium I will use. I look forward to the future when drawing and painting go 3D. I have seen prototypes of 3D pens so I know it won’t be long.

Life, nature and my students inspire me
Colors of India II Digital Print by Christine MacLellan
 I form ideas, sketch and take a lot of photos while traveling. I paint in my studio where I have access to all my materials. I usually am working on several projects at one time.

I chose Rushingwater Studios because I liked the name and moving water is a powerful force, I just thought it would make a powerful business name

My goals? I teach a lot just about everyday here at my studio in Cary. I am working on my online classes and would like to formalize that soon. I will continue to paint, draw etc until my last breath because I love it so I guess it would be to sell more artwork and to continue to grow my client base.
Twilight Original Oil Painting by Christine MacLellan
When I am not creating I am traveling, gardening,taking care of my home and family, or visiting my friends.
 After finding Rushingwater Studios on etsy, you can visit Christine's website and find her on facebook!  If you're interested in classes, find the details on her students website.

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  1. Glad to "meet" you! Loved seeing all of your artwork, look forward to seeing what you pain next.