Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Local Featured Seller: The Gift Garden

Who are you?   Michelle from The Gift Garden

Where are you located?  Richlands, NC

What do you create?  A little bit of everything! Mostly crocheted and sewn items-household items such as washcloths, dishtowels, etc and various styles of tote bags, purses, and wallets. I've started to make some gift tags, thank you tags, and mini notecards as well. I'm always trying new things as I'm a little ADD when it comes to my crafts!

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"?   I've never actually been to the triangle! Shame on me, I know. We moved here a couple of years ago (military transfer) and just have been so busy with life and have never managed to get out that way. I will get there someday, I promise!
Crochet Striped Dishcloth
 When did you start creating?  I started creating at a young age. My mom would do craft shows and make us clothes and toys and blankets so she was my main inspiration. She would buy me small craft kits and let me use her scraps.

Where do you create?   I have taken over our dining room to be my craft room but if I'm crocheting or hand sewing, I'll do it in the living room so that I can be with the family.

Why did you choose your shop/company name?  I love gardening and when I pictured my shop originally, I pictured a great variety of handmade gifts, kind of like a garden filled with different kinds of plants and flowers. I wanted to offer customers items that would make perfect gifts for just about anyone on their list, including themselves.
Patchwork Tote
 What are your goals (personal and/or business)?  I quit my job almost a year ago in order to stay home with our children and have just started to develop my business plan. Within the next few years, I hope to develop my business towards being more of a sustainable income instead of "just a hobby".

What do you do when you are not creating?  When I'm not creating, I am with my kids (2 boys ages 5, almost 3, and the third boy should be arriving late July/early Aug) and husband. We play outside, go fishing, work in the garden, play board games, all that fun stuff! I love reading but hardly ever fit that in.
Pawprint Keychain
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