Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Local Featured Seller: dmdearringdesigns

Meet:  Diane Decker, shop owner dmdearringdesigns in Durham, NC who makes beaded earrings and necklaces.

My favorite place to visit in the Triangle is any bead shop! I have a dear friend who beads, too, and when we can, we like to take road trips... a sort of crafty Thelma and Louise gig ( or, when we *think* we know how to get there, and then we get lost, we call them Lucy and Ethel road trips :-)
Glass Bead Earrings
 I've been beading for about 2 years. Originally, just to see if I could make some simple earrings, after a friend made me some and encouraged me. I borrowed a book from the library to get some instruction. I gave away my first efforts to all my friends, but as I got better at it, my friends insisted on paying me at least to cover the cost of the beads. Next thing I knew, I was knee deep in beads, and signing up to sell at craft fairs.

I chose beading as a medium for 2 reasons... I've always loved earrings and always wear them, but also for the colors. I'm like a parrot... drawn to color and sparkle. And, now, intrigued by how the colors and textures work together... or not :-)
2-Strand Necklace and Earring Set
 I *used* to have dining room... now it's my studio space. And, I'm closely supervised by my 2 rescue cats, Chance and Vivi.... well, they call it supervising. I call it napping with the occasional eye opening checking on me. The room has a huge bay window, so I have tons of natural light. I find that both necessary and cheerful. And, I always play music and sing along.

So... inspiration. I have to say I'm inspired by new beads. This poses a slight problem unless I'm selling my creations ;-) I tend to buy not only cool basic beads, but odd pieces too. Things I'm not really sure what to do with, but they interest me. I revisit them as I go along, and then, one day... Ta Da! I always know when I've succeeded because I start thinking... maybe I should keep this one for myself!
Necklace with Pendant and Earring Set
When I'm not beading, I'm advocating for animal welfare. I'm on the board of Operation Catnip and serve as Secretary/Treasurer. Our non-profit has spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated over 25,000 feral (wild) cats in the Triangle area since 1997, an all-volunteer effort. I help at each clinic, the 3rd Sunday of each month, where we average 100 surgeries, but have done as many as 140. Whew! In one day! Whew! Exhausting, but so worth the effort. 

After you're done drooling over the scrumptious colors in Diane's jewelry on etsy, perhaps you'd like to swing by Operation Catnip's site to see the good they're doing in our community.

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