Monday, April 14, 2008

Featured Seller: ACLDesignsCards

Who are you?
Amy from ACLDesignsCards

Where are you located?

Why did you choose your shop/company name?
I went through a few ideas before I finally settled on probably the least creative of my ideas. I wanted something that clearly identified what I was selling as well as something that had some link back to me. I had been selling at craft fairs prior to starting my Etsy shop, so I wanted something that my existing customers would recognize. My initials are ACL and that is how I usually sign my work, so I thought it would be the easiest for customers to remember. Hence, ACLDesignsCards was born.

What do you create?
I sell handmade cards, memory frames, altered art, and other papercrafts. I create just about anything that strikes my fancy, from paper projects, watercolors, acrylics, woodworking, sewing projects, crochet, and quilting.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by nature and by children. I love warm spring days filled with blooming flowers, steamy summer nights spent chasing fireflies, crisp autumn afternoons in the sunshine, and winter flurries. I am a child at heart and find my inspiration by trying to see everything as though through the eyes of a child: unencumbered by boundaries, innocent with limitless potential.

What do you do when you are not creating?
Well, really I am always creating. I may see something that sparks an idea anywhere, and then I just have to jot it down for later. I am a pretty busy woman! I have been married for 14 years to my college sweetie and I have one elementary aged son. I am also a full-time school counselor at a local year-round elementary school. I do most of my creating at night and on the weekends.

Where do you create?
I have turned an extra bedroom in my home into a studio where I can create and generally contain my mess making to a single area.

What is your favorite place to sell your items?

It is definitely easier for me to sell online because of the time commitment involved. Customers can shop online at their convenience and not just during the limited times of a sales event. However, I enjoy talking with people and showing off my creations in person. I think that when people can see what you have made with their own eyes then they understand the effort that was involved in creating an item that is handmade and not mass produced. I enjoy selling my items at craft fairs and I try to do at least one a year. I have met many wonderful people at craft fairs who have become repeat customers.

--If you'd like to read more about Amy's life and work, check out her blog An Artful Mess

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