Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking it to the Next Level

Like a pilgrimage to Mecca, they traveled from every corner of the US, enduring such hardships as harsh, Midwestern weather, infamous traffic nightmares, and parading, drunken Irishmen. The place? Chicago, St. Patrick's Day weekend. The reason? To attend Country Living Magazine's annual Women Entrepreneurs Event.

Applying to attend is easy enough: get the information from their magazine or web site early fall, and send $95 before the event sells out. Applying to the "Pitch Your Product" part takes an additional $25 and a little guts (you show your work to editors if accepted- I got to do this and it wasn't too scary). Trying to stay in the hosting hotel takes creative financing and a brother-in-law with a Marriott frequent stayer membership thing (the hotel was full 5 months prior to the event, and I had to sell my Vespa to come up with $650 to stay for two nights. Then there was the outfit I bought last minute at Water Tower Place in which to "Pitch" my product, but I digress...)

The reasons for an Etsy artist to attend are many, and make all hardships and spending worth it! The noon to 6 seminar was packed with big names and information useful for new entrepreneurs who have no idea what they are doing (that would be me) as well as unlimited resources and help for people who have been in the marketplace for years. Lunch, wine and cheese reception, and giant bag of gifts included! And of the 75 chosen to "Pitch" ten or so will be featured in next Spring's seminar and magazine (11 million readers a month!) So consider attending next year, and I'll let you know in June if a miracle occurs and Vintage Scraps ends up being chosen as an Entrepreneur Honoree.

There's also an article about this event in the Storque by Beth who also attended... Mega-Beth Tour: Chicago Edition.

Yes- they turn the river green, and yes, I was freezing!


  1. Darn! I didn't mean for that picture to be so big! And I forgot the etsy Storque link- The Mga Beth Tour: Chicago

  2. Wow, what a grown up thing to do, pitching to people other than customers! Good for you!

    I grew up in Chicago and can vouch for the fact that they've been dying the river green on St. Pat's for at least 50 years.

  3. You've been tagged! Check out my blog and you'll understand what I mean:) Let's keep this going! Thanks.