Friday, May 23, 2008

Where We Create: Behind the Scenes of NC Triangle Etsiers

Behind the scenes of Etsy Shop: Purple Daisies

Describe the space in which you create. What is your favorite thing about your space? First, you must know it's a work in progress! So it's not completely decorated!, please don't judge it yet! :) It was just recently painted and I haven't had time to hang a lot of pictures yet. My sewing room is my living room so it's important that the space stays somewhat presentable since it's the first room guests see when they come in my home. Because I'm a mom with young children, it's also important that it's a place that my children can hang out in. So I've added a chalkboard table I painted in which they can color or use play dough on. That has been a lifesaver!

What is your favorite thing about your space? I love the color on the wall! Isn't it gorgeous! The windows in my room are floor to ceiling which are great. Like today, I'm able to open the windows and feel a nice breeze and hear the birds singing and it's so peaceful (in between the hammering of my sewing machine!).

How do you keep your space organized
? That's a challenge when you have a 3 yr old who likes to pretend the spools of thread and bobbins are little mommies and babies! What a tangled mess!

First, all or most of my fabric is stored in the black cabinet which keeps it tucked away. I keep a basket on my table that holds all my works in progress and I have pretty glass jars to hold buttons and scraps of ribbon

Do you have inspiration pieces in your space? If so, what are they? I try to include only things I love in the room to draw inspiration from, so it's a real hodge podge. For example, I have old picnic baskets I inherited from both grandmothers stacked up, as well as a Roman-like bust of a woman I picked up at Marshall's. I'm planning on adding a lot of old pictures of ancestors soon. I like the independent spirit they evoke when I look at them.

Is there something else you'd like to share about your space? Notice the placement of the ironing board. I read a tip once about positioning the board at table height right next to your chair so you can just press the seam and then sew it without having to get up! Such a time saver! Love that!

Check out Lindsey's Shop on Etsy, Purple Daisies.


  1. love the green. mind sharing the name of it?

  2. I love the *green* too! My old craft room was green... but much too bold. I'll get to paint the craft room in the new house soon... had promised the hubby tan, but haven't bought anything yet!

  3. i'm impressed... love the color and looks like you've got plenty of
    s p a c e!

    thanks for the ironing board tip. i'm totally implementing that in my studio (if i can find the space!). oh, and that alexander henry bird fabric is one of my favs!

    good luck with the 3 yr old..... my five year old still likes to play with my everything. when things disappear he says 'it's magic'.