Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

I love the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and have secretly wished for a Thanksgiving dinner like his every year. Well, this year I am going to have it...etsy style!

Fun Pop Corn Soap from LoveLeeSoaps

Who can forget the image of Snoopy popping corn on the stove top, the pot overflowing and soon filling the kitchen with popcorn. A classic cartoon gag! love it!

Jelly beans
Let Them Eat Jelly Beans shirt from Homage

A handful of colorful jellybeans is tossed onto each plate. What a great thing to see at Thanksgiving. Jelly beans in my house only made an appearance at Easter.

Toast and butter
felt toast from bee mice elf

By far the best scene in the entire movie is Charlie Brown and Linus making toast. How many toasters can one kitchen hold? And how much toast can two small boys make? Apparently a lot! And Woodstock and Snoopy buttering it....brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

Pretzel Sticks

Pretzel Sticks and Pearls necklace from VanWert Designs

Who doesn't love pretzel sticks? The skinny kind that make a tangle of sticks on your plate. I can't tell if the pretzels were planned or just thrown in to fill the plate. Can't you just see the boys looking around the kitchen for something else to serve?

Ice Cream Sundaes

Crochet Ice Cream Sundae hat pattern from Pepperberry

And the perfect dessert for any child is an ice cream sundae complete with a cherry on top served in one of mom's glasses. yummy!

So while you relax today after your feast of turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie....remember the most famous Thanksgiving meal. And remember how it felt as a child to wonder what it would be like to actual be sitting at that ping pong table in Charlie Brown's backyard, your eyes ga-ga with all the gourmet meal of your dreams.



  1. Fun post with lots of new shops filled with awesome items. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great spin on a classic! Well done. :)