Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Day-After-Turkey Day!

The parades were over, the bellies were full. But now, my thoughts have turned to a more pressing conundrum:

What to do with all those leftovers???

The be-all, end-all quick and easy route. Just make sure you have time for all those trips around the block afterwards.
Doggy Scarf for Big Dogs by Colorful Casual, $10

Don't like the green bean casserole? Pass it off on your co-workers.
Wanna Trade Lunch Bags by Supergirl Stickers, $10

Lorena's shop has some of the coolest serving pieces I've ever seen, based on those not-so-fancy tin containers. Perfect for presenting your seconds.
Take Out by Lorena Barrezueta, $65

Perhaps you've simply had enough of all that food. Just toss it in the garbage and get on with the good stuff!
Autumn Stemless Wine Glasses by Marywibis, $50


  1. the lunch bags are fun looking!

  2. I am trying to locate an artist who attended the Designers Market this summer. When I was there I ordered a pendant from her that was to feature map sections of Naugatuck, CT and Chuburna, MX. I paid for the pendant. The artist was to email when the pendant was complete. I have not received the email. Or, if I have received it, I did not recognize it as being from the artist and therefore trashed it. Are you the artist? If not, do you know of such fellow artist who does such work? I'm desperate as it is getting close to Christmas. Thank you very much.

    Mike Smith

  3. Hi, Mike -

    It wasn't me that took the order, but I'm not sure who else was making them. I'm sending you an email regarding this, as well.

    Tina @ scatterbox