Monday, June 29, 2009

Local Featured Seller: christietriplett

Who are you?
My name is Christie Triplett and my Etsy shop name is

Where are you located?
I've lived in Raleigh for two years after living in Seattle and Portland for fifteen years. I grew up in Wilmington, NC.

What do you create?
I make hand-painted glass pendants. They are like little abstract paintings under glass.
I also have pendants in my shop featuring
vintage images, but plan to focus on the hand-painted ones. I'm also going to start making rings using the same reverse-painting technique used for my pendants.

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"?
I love walking and biking on the Greenway trails. They give me a beautiful place to exercise. I'm also a big fan of the
Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill. They always have a variety of interesting shows - and it's free.

When did you start creating?
My mother used to buy huge rolls of newsprint for my sister and I to draw on with colored pencils. This led to art lessons at the YWCA and to my majoring in painting in college.
I always wanted to learn to make jewelry and was fascinated with the idea of painting on glass. I saw a vintage Chinese glass bead depicting a bird painted with a reverse-painting technique. This one gorgeous bead inspired my current line of jewelry!

Why did you choose your medium?
I like the idea of creating art that people could wear - something that almost anyone can afford and that will be seen any time someone wears one of my pieces. I also like the multimedia aspect of jewelry and the fact that it is so small. I love making tiny things.

What inspires you?
Abstract paintings, fashion, craft blogs, vintage jewelry and design. I am really in love with fabric patterns, like those by Marimekko and various fabric sellers on Etsy.

What are your goals?
I'm going to start selling my jewelry offline soon, as well as maintaining my Etsy store. My goal is to continue to sell both ways. I also want to learn new jewelry techniques that incorporate my painting background and love of color. I just starting making jewelry this year and already feel successful! I would like my jewelry-making to become a real part-time business.

What do you do when you are not creating?
I like listening to music, watching movies and going back to Wilmington to go to the beach. I'm getting back into biking after having knee problems from trying to play tennis. Now I just watch tennis, which is a lot easier on my body!

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