Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the NCTriangle Team!

It's Thanksgiving Day again. The time of year where we eat too much of foods we wouldn't eat in any other circumstance. I am preparing an Etsy style menu for you, in the tradition of that great Thanksgiving party planner....Snoopy
Pull up a lawn chair to the ping pong table and tie on a napkin. Here's your menu:

I love the popcorn scene. This year my 6 year old watched it and seemed thoroughly confused that Snoopy wasn't using a microwave to pop the corn. snicker snicker

I know this isn't popcorn, but it looks so much like popcorn. I couldn't resist it.

What would a kid give to trade the Green Bean Casserole or the 3 Bean salad for a handful of jellybeans? Doesn't the pattern remind you of a bowl full of jelly beans? Cute Bright Circle Dots Boutique Style Flannel Bib from The Brooks Boutique

You can keep your Corn Bread Dressing. I want a pile of pretzels tangled together on my plate. (a squirt of mustard wouldn't hurt either). This cute pretzel looks delicious. Felt Pretzel from Missiezze


Charlie Brown tells Linus that all he can make is toast. Snoopy and Woodstock get busy toasting dozens of slices of bread. Woodstock is so focused on the task that he mistakenly toasts Snoopy's ear and then spreads it with butter. Before it is toast, it is fresh baked bread. Fresh Baked Bread Toast from Karen's Soap

Ice Cream Sundae
Look carefully and you will see a sundae glass filled with something pink and what looks like whipped cream, topped with a cherry of course. I think it's an ice cream sundae. My little guy thinks it's a yogurt and fruit parfait. What kind of child do I have?
Ice Cream Coozie from Threadbare Memories by mclifter

Whatever your meal you eat, I hope it includes family, great food, traditions, and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting a picture of my 'popcorn' bracelet. That's a cool name too.
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!