Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Local Featured Seller: KC Batik

KC Batik - Raleigh, NC - Custom hand-dyed batik tee shirts for babies, children and adults

I love to visit the State Flea Market because there are LOTS of unique finds and I can draw lots of inspiration from vintage pieces!
Batik Darth Vader Tee Shirt
I started creating in August 2012 but was just learning the ropes of the batik technique so there were a LOT of kinks to work out to get the results that I am getting today!

 I am inspired by beautiful fabrics, children's book illustrations, little cute doodles, vintage cars and the ideas of others! People are so creative and things that are requested for me to create are quirky and unique at times. This really says a lot about someone's personality.
Vintage Bronco Batik Tee Shirt
 I create all of my tee shirts at my huge antique kitchen table and in my little kitchen! Very grassroots at this point. My things are EVERYWHERE once I get started on a project for the day!

I chose my shop name because it includes my initials, as well as my daughter's. I didn't name it Custom Batik tees because I eventually want to branch out to other products like pillow covers, bags, pants, etc...

My goals are to grow this project into a full time job in which I own my own boutique and shop like a "paint your own pottery" shop so that others can come and create their own batik designs on tee shirts, pants, bags, pillows.

Batik in the Garden Tee Shirt
When not creating I am hanging out with my wonderful family, playing ultimate frisbee and dreaming up the next design! 

After you've checked out the awesome shirts in KC Batik's etsy shop, you can swing by the KC Batik Facebook page, follow KC Batik on Twitter @kris10apr8 and Instagram: kris10apr_KCBatik.

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