Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Local Featured Seller: Davis Dyes

I am Parkins Davis, 18 years old, and Owner/Dyer at Davis Dyes!
I am located in Henderson, NC which is about an hour north of Raleigh. I create some very colorful and unique Tie Dye clothes and art. My favorite place to visit in the Triangle is either the Art Museum because of the beautiful park or the Flea Market on the weekends because of its vast treasures.
Tie Dye Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging
 I started creating about 2 years ago, and the shirts I made started piling up...so I decided to start selling them. My most cherished handmade item is actually a tie dye shirt made by a fellow dyer (I like to trade with people) The thing about tie dye is that everyone does it differently, and they all look unique!
Tie Dye Shirt
 I chose my medium because of the stunning results one can achieve through some fairly simple techniques, I've found that Rayon is my favorite to dye though. Old Hippies and they're classic tie dye inspires me honestly, its an art that hasn't been around long, yet still timeless. I've met many old dyers who all seem to be impressed with my word despite my age. When I am not creating, I really enjoy playing music with others (I play drums) and also enjoy traveling and seeing concerts.
Tie Dye Socks
You can find me selling at the Raleigh Flea Market at the NC fairgrounds on most weekends, and also in the Phish lot when they tour through the region. Though I also do small music festivals in NC.

In addition to etsy, you can also find Davis Dyes on Instagram!

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