Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Local Featured Seller: Goofy Loopies

Who are you?  My name is Vanessa Evans and I own Goofyloopies.

Where are you located?  We are located out of our home in Nashville, NC.

Why do you create?  I craft because it relieves my stress; most of the time. It is my get away, my meditation per say.

What is your favorite place to visit in the "triangle"?  I don't live far from Raleigh. I love to go shopping at Triangle Town Center. I venture from there over to Capital Blvd and shop on.
Personalized Tempered Glass Cutting Board
 When did you start creating?  I have always been a crafty person. When I was growing up I loved to draw anything; as long as I could make it colorful.  I loved playing school so papercrafting was always an attraction for me.

What is your most cherished handmade item?  My first afghan I crocheted I would say is my most cherished handmade item. I learned to crochet from my grandmother in law. My first afghan was out of some of the yarn she left me when she passed on.

What inspires you?  My creative juices always burst open when I get near anything of color. Love to get lost in the yarn, ribbons, materials, and buttons......Somehow I believe it just all goes together.
Where do you create?  My house looks like a miniature craft store. I create mostly in my upstairs room. I started in the utility room  of our home. I outgrew that and moved into one of the smaller bedrooms. I have 2 sons and one of them wanted that  room; at the time they were sharing a room.  Our upstairs wasn't complete. So, we started that project. Now, I create upstairs at home. A lot more spacious, means I can have more projects going at a time. Loving It~

Personalized Garden Flag
 Why did you choose your shop/company name?  When I first decided to start crafting for a profit, I was doing mostly paper crafts. With that I came up with the name Paper Does It. Once I started crochet, I loved to try all of the different stitches. One day as I did some research on the different stitches I came up with Goofyloopies because of all the different loops. Not to mention; it goes well with my family. We're all a little goofy.

What are your goals?  I plan to continue crafting until I can't do it any longer. I love to take my crocheting on vacations with me. It is a easy packable and carry craft. I take it with me to my full-time job and crochet at lunch. Seems useless not using time wisely. I hope to grow enough to be able to stop working my full-time job. I want to make things for people because it makes them happy, it makes me happy and I feel like it is an accomplishment. One of my very first (in detail crafts)
was wedding invitations for someone in California. That was so intriguing to think I was a part of someones special moment in life way across the nation. It is very exciting each time I mail out a package to know my work is somewhere in another state, at someones house, in the presence of others being noticed and loved.
Rag Quilt
What do you do when you are not creating?  It seems I am always creating. Whether it is in thoughts or production. I can't hardly pass something without thinking "what can that be used for besides what it is". At times I think I eat, sleep, dream and live for the love of crafting. It drives my husband crazy. However; when I am not in production, I occasionally spend time watching a good movie or
reading a great book.

After swinging by Goofyloopies on etsy, you can also find her facebook page.

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